Sunday, August 27, 2006

<<>>உமர் கணிணியுலகுக்கு அளித்த கொடைகள்<<>>

His Contributions to Tamil Computing

<> UMAR<>

[June 15,1953 - July 12,2006]

AWC Phonetic Unicode Writer
Online RSS Generator - can be used in offline as well
RSS Creator [1][2]
Unicode Encoded String to Unicode Reader
Save Tamil documents in ASCII format
Convert any Tamil font encoding to Unicode [1][2]
Unicode converter [1][2]
GnuPublic License Fonts [1][2]
Thenee Unicode Tamil Font[1][2][3]
Dynamic Tamil font for Websites [12][13]
Vaigai Dynamic Font
Tamil Email

Tamil Unicode Toolbar for Browser
And many more tools which are lost over time :-(


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